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About Us

The Kings Park Photography Club is a friendly group of photo enthusiasts of all levels wishing to improve their skills in a social and educational learning environment.

We are located on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, nestled among many parks, beaches, and wildlife, with stunning landscapes and photo opportunities.

We meet once a month at the Kings Park Library located in Kings Park, NY, but one need not live in Kings Park to belong or participate.

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Mission Statement:
to maintain an informal club, with our focus on learning, having fun with like-minded people, and giving back to the community.

Programs & Activities:

In Field trips throughout the year we visit a variety of venues from the North Shore of Long Island to New York City. 
A monthly Zoom meeting invites participants to discuss and critique their work with peers.

Club members can participate in monthly Theme Contests. Recent themes include "Graffiti", "Flowers", and "Solitary".

Whether you are interested in shooting better, composing better photos, editing or learning a new workflow, you can find friends willing to assist.  The majority of our members use digital equipment and have editing software experience.

Photos by Jill Fanuzzi
Featured Album - April  2024
Photographer - Jill Fanuzzi

Photo Album -  Photos by Jill Fanuzzi

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a camera in my hand. From a Fisher-Price plastic camera to a Kodak Instamatic to a Polaroid to my first and current DSLR, photography has always been a love of mine. 

Through the years, I’ve switched from Canon to Nikon.  Some may argue, but I just like the “real colors” I get when I shoot with my Nikon.  I had my D3100 crop sensor Nikon for almost 15 years.  It was well loved and well used…so much so that the indicator writing on buttons were actually rubbed off.   After a long discussion with a Nikon repair person, it was time to retire my D3100 and I picked up another crop Nikon which I’m learning to love.  It’s a pit stop to buying a Nikon mirrorless.

Many of my photographs, including some of those in the album are iPhone shots… the best camera is the one in your hand…and like others I am amazed at the capability of my phone camera. 

What inspires me is simple. There’s so much beauty out in the world that we just walk by.  I try to pause and really take in my surroundings to find the beauty in the ordinary.  I love unique or different angles of common objects, I love sections of the whole, which show you the detail that you might not otherwise see. 


To create a Photo Album, go to your Profile page, add a new album, and upload your images. Click here for directions: Create Photo Album


About our banner...
Our banner image was taken from the Kings Park Bluff, where the Nissequogue River 
empties into the Long Island Sound.  Our members often meet and photograph the beautiful sunsets here (and sunrises for the early risers!)  We consider The Bluff as a symbol of Kings Park, and consequently as a symbol of our club.

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Club Benefits

  1. Share your photos
  2. Presentations and guest speakers
  3. On-Location Photo Shoots
  4. Monthly "Theme Contests"
  5. Mentoring Program
  6. Technical Support
  7. Cellphones Welcome
  8. Facebook Group Page
  9. Instagram Page
  10. Affordable Dues ($25/yr)