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Welcome to the Kings Park Photography Club

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Who We Are

We are a group of photography enthusiasts with skill levels ranging from beginner to pro with most somewhere in between.

What We Are

We are a camera club of course. Our outside interests range from birding to landscapes, with some Photoshop aficionados in the mix. Our vibe might be described as "laid back".   We hold monthly theme contests. But certainly no judges or rankings. Our meetings are currently on Zoom, although we look forward to a return to in-person meetings at the Kings Park Library.

Where We Are

We are located on the North Shore of Long Island, very close to the Kings Park Bluff (hence our banner), where members can be found capturing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Why We Are

We support each other in our quest to learn photography,  enjoy each other's company, and  give back to the Kings Park community. Please join us.

Recent Articles
Recent Articles
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

About our banner...
Our banner image was taken from the Kings Park Bluff, where the Nissequogue River 
empties into the Long Island Sound.  Our members often meet and photograph the beautiful sunsets here (and sunrises for the early risers!)  We consider The Bluff as a symbol of Kings Park, and consequently as a symbol of our club.

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Tip of the Day


Your focal length and choice of viewpoint will make a big difference to the picture. A quick wide-angle shot might capture the broadest area of the sky, but it won't necessarily give you the best composition; a longer focal length and carefully chosen viewpoint can produce a much more effective result. The sun will be bigger in the fame and you'll have more control over shapes and silhouettes.

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