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How can I join the Kings Park Photography Club?
Apply online here at the "New Member Sign Up" button.  Or, you can go to the "Join Us" button and take the Visitor's Tour to learn more about the club and then sign up from that page. You can also sign up in person at one of our meetings or photo events around our community.   We welcome members of all skill levels, practicing all genres and styles of photography, and using all gear types (including non-gear methods).  Use the "Contact Us" button for questions not answered in the FAQ here.
What benefits do members enjoy?
Access to the members section of the website, emailings on club events and items of interest, monthly photo contests, scheduled group photo shoots, access to club photo albums and ability to create and post your own work. Club membership in PFLI (Photographic Federation of Long Island), and PSA (Photographic Society of America).  Club member discount program on gear with Hunts Photo and Video Store in MA.
What does it mean to be a Member?
You get to participate in photo events and activities, use the website and our Facebook page to find information about the club and photography, ask questions, make suggestions, encourage other members and share your thoughts, helping yourself and others to take better pictures. Make new friends and have fun with like-minded people!

How often do you meet?

We currently have:

One club meeting each month (before Covid-19, now meet on Zoom when needed)
One photo sharing meeting (also on Zoom), usually attended by about 8-10 members, and
At least one in-the-field photo shoot.

What is a Photo Share Discussion?
Photo Share discussions are held once a month on the first Monday of the month. Recently these meetings have been held at 7pm via Zoom. Members receive an email invite. In these sessions, participants submit 2 photos to the coordinator, to be seen and discussed by other members, with the intention of improving everyone's abilities.  Archived photos are allowed.  We discuss and provide feedback in a kindly, supportive manner.
What are Theme Contests?
In a Theme Contest you are invited to submit 2 photos based on the theme of the month (past themes have included "Abstract Image" and "Fairytale") to the KPPC coordinator, who posts all entries for viewing and voting. Only photos take during the month are allowed; no archived photos. Members should view updated contest information on the "Website Issues" Forum effective October 2022.

Voting for best photo of the month takes place after the month’s theme closes.  

There are no prizes, however, winners are featured on the website and may appear in website galleries on a voluntary basis.

Does the club have a Board of Directors?
The club has a Steering Committee consisting of 7 members who raise and approve proposals and made decisions on various issues, based on input from members. One year of club membership is required before being eligible for the SC.
How much are club dues?
Dues are $25.00 per year, on a rolling 12 month period.  

After I'm a registered member, how do I log in for the first time?


You'll receive an email from Kings Park Photo Club welcoming you and providing you a membership number as well as a temporary User Name and Temporary Password.

Embedded in the email will be: "To access the club's website, click here."  Click on the link.


Step 1
You'll arrive at a page called "Member First Login". 

Type your temporary User Name and Temporary Password and click "Next".
faq 4 inch 144 

Step 2
You'll be asked to agree to allow ClubExpress to store your personal data on behalf of the KPPC, and to receive emails.  Click your choice then hit the "Next" button.
faq step 2 144 

Step 3
Your Member Name and personal data will appear on the screen in summary.  Click the button that says "Done".
member step 3 



You'll be routed to the Home page of the Members version of the website, and receive a message saying thank you for completing your first login. Click Ok.

Welcome to the Member part of the website!
FAQ thank you login 

How do I log in, any time?
Click on "Member Login" in the upper right corner of the Home page.

Member Login 6

You should see the Login Box.  Enter your credentials and log in.

Log In Screen 6

(Additional note: although you can find the website under our old site name,, the site can also be accessed under the new platform name of  Club Express is our new website platform)
What if I forget or misplace my login credentials?
If you happen to lose or misplace your login credentials:

Go to the Public homepage, and click on the words Member Login at the top right corner of the screen.

home member login

In the login screen that opens up, click on the words Forgot My Username/Password under the login box.  Another box will open asking you to enter your First Name and Email Address.  Click on OK, and you'll receive an email giving you temporary credentials.

forgot credentials

Return to the website, click on Member Login, and use your temporary credentials to access the Members side of the website.

Once you've successfully logged in, click on the arrow to next to your name in the top right corner of the screen, hit "Profile", and display the screen allowing you to change your password, as well as other functions. 
How do I change my password?
Find your name in the northeast corner of your screen.  Click on the dropdown arrow, which will show a link to your "Profile".  Change your password on that screen.
How do I change my Membership Directory listing?
The website allows you to list only the personal information you want listed.  If you choose to list only your name and location, fine.  if you want to list your contact info plus your name and picture, that's fine.  You can also opt not to be listed at all in the Member Directory. Follow these steps.  

Step 1 After logging in, click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your screen next to your name, and select Profile.

member directory step 1

Step 2 Click on Standard Member Directory to set privacy for your listing.
member directory step 2

Step 3 Set your privacy level under the first selection, General Info
member directory step 3
Note there is an option if you don't want to be listed at all.  The Member Directory is NOT displayed to the public.  It exists only for members to view one another.

How do I upload my photo to the Member Directory?
If you want your photo to be viewed alongside your name in the Member Directory, follow these steps:

Step 1 Log in, click on the arrow next t your  name in the upper right corner of the screen, and select Profile. 

Step 2 Under your Profile screen, select Standard Member Directory. 
select standard member directory

Step 3  You'll see your Biography settings including Photo.  Browse through your computer and select your photo for download.  You can also select a photo to be shown as a banner in back of your photo.  Hit Save to save your selection.
select photo for member directory

Step 4  How do you view the Member Directory?  Go back to the Home page, and select  Members> Membership Directory

find membership directory
To see the entire directory, hit Search without any limiting criteria.  All members will be shown.

As a Member, how do I add photos to a photo album?

One of the most important reasons you joined the club is to DISPLAY YOUR PHOTOS! Start by creating your own photo album on the website.

In the top right corner of your Home page screen will appear your name, and a dropdown button leading to your User Profile. 

Click on the dropdown arrow and you'll see that one of the options is labeled "Profile".

Click on "Profile".
profile dropdown 

Now you'll see a host of information (including such things as a User Name/Password change area.)

The area for creating Photo Albums appears in the southeast corner of the screen, "Your Website Functions", with "Photo Albums" as a choice.

Click on "Photo Albums"
FAQ find photo albums 

A screen will pop up saying "Photo Album Manager" for you.  Click on the button that says "Add Photo Album".
FAQ add photo album 

Configure the properties of your Photo Album including name, associated text, description etc.  An "Availability" dropdown allows you to authorize your album to be seen by anyone, or by Members Only.

Populate the form, then hit "Save". You'll see your album listed below, along with its properties. At any time you can delete your album by clicking on the trashcan icon.
FAQ name photo album

To view your Photo Album, return to the Home page. Click on the main menu under "Photo Galleries" then on the pulldown menu saying "Photo Albums". 

Your album will appear.

If you need additional help with setting up your photo albums, click on the question mark that appears on the upper right side of almost every page.  It offers specific content help.
FAQ find albums on menu 

How do I upload photos to enter a Theme Contest?
  1. Log in
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to your name on the top right of the screen. Select "Profile".
  3. On the Profile screen, go to the bottom right corner and click on "Photo Albums" to create the album containing your Theme Contest photo entries.
  4. Add a Photo Album
    > Make sure your Photo Album name includes the theme plus your name. (e.g. "Trees - John Smith")
    > MAKE YOUR ALBUM INVISIBLE by removing the checkmark next to "Visible".
    > In the Description field, put your name and what monthly theme contest you're entered
    Hit "Save" to save your album
  5. After you hit "Save" you'll see the album you just created.  Click on the pencil tool to add your photos. Select your photos from your computer.
  6. Once your photos are selected and downloaded, edit the details of your photos. 
  7. Make sure your photo names includes the theme plus your name. (e.g. "Trees - John Smith photo#1")
  8. Add the tag of "theme" to each photo.
  9. Hit "Save" and you're done!
Please note: if you prefer not to upload your photos onto the website, you can still email your photos to enter the monthly theme contests using this email address:
How do I label a photo when I upload it to an album?

1.  Select your photo from your photo collection on your computer (or phone).  Although it says Max photo size 20MB, you should try for a photo size of about 1MB-1.5MB.  Otherwise you will wait forever while your photo is loading.

2.  Put in a title that describes your photo.  "IMG_8655.jpg" does not.

3.  Add a caption if you like.  Telling the location would be helpful to others looking for new places to shoot.

4.  Click on the down arrow to choose a list of tags.  You can add up to 5 tags.  For example, you might have "B&W", "Interior", and "Still Life".  Or you might have "Bluff", "Beach", "Birds" and "People".  Please don't leave the Tags box blank.  If you are entering the Theme Contest, be sure to add the tag "Theme".

5.  Be sure to enter your full name.  "TJG" may not be enough to identify you, especially to new members.

6.   If you don't know the date your photo was taken, put today's date.

7.  Make sure this box is checked so that members will see your best resolution when viewing your photo in full screen glory.


Tags are very helpful in searching for photos.  Although it is possible to add your own tag, I ask you to please confine your tags to the ones in the Master Tag list.  You can see the entire list by using the scroll bar.  You can add up to five tags to your photo.  If I have forgotten tags that would be applicable to many photos taken by our members, please email me with your ideas and I'll add them to the list.
How do I join the birder forum?
The Bird Forum is an "opt in” forum.  Unlike some of the more general forums, you are not automatically a member.  You can read postings and post messages, but that doesn’t automatically make you a member.  To become a member of the bird forum, first go to your Profile page:

Click on “Forum Memberships”.  Then on the next page, scroll down to “Optional Forums”.  Once you find the Bird Forum, click on the little green icon on the right.
Bird Forum

To add photos to the birder forum, if you are replying to a previous post, click on “Reply”:


To add photos along with your reply, click on the paper clip icon:

You can add up to 10 files (photos) at a time.  Note, though, that they do not appear in your message.  Viewers must click on the Attachments link: