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Art Shows Lenses at March Meeting

Eric Loehwing | Published on 3/21/2024

Our March meeting began with an announcement from Alan about the December exhibition of member photos at the library, saying it was not too early to plan for it.  To encourage first time exhibiters, Art offered to pay the cost of 4 8.5x11 prints.

Art then began his presentation on lenses, explaining that what had originally been a talk on how to buy lenses on the cheap had morphed into a discussion of both used lenses and vintage lenses.  The bottom line, to quote Art:  "I don't buy anything new anymore."  He frequently buys from B&H, of course, but he also recommended Ebay, where he got $250 off an $1100 camera.  
As for vintage lenses, Art explained that they have gone up in price due to the popularity of mirrorless cameras.  You will need an adapter to increase the distance from the lens to the sensor, which should cost about $12.  Art mentioned Fotasy lens adapters (available on Amazon and Camera Exchange  Art prefers prime lenses.

Members socialized before the meeting started.  Carol, Gerta and Eric discussed the merits of Huntington vs. Smithtown as a relocation destination.  Carol has lived in Huntington for many years and strongly recommends it.

LisaMarie, Carol and Gerta paid their yearly club dues to Dorothy before the meeting, while Agnes enjoyed some refreshment and HS showed some of his art work.

Art talks with Bob before the meeting.  Far right:  Art's collection of lenses.  He used the HDMI cable to attach his camera to the library's projector, which enabled him to demonstrate his lenses.

Here Art demonstrates the focus on one of his lenses.  Compare the image on the left with the one on the right.

You may recognize the little doll with the yellow hair and Scottish cap, a frequent model for Art's demonstrations.  Far right:  after the "live demo" Art passed around a number of prints made from both modern and vintage lenses.

Art explained that the Helios 44-2  58mm F2 lens (near right, 2nd photo) had increased dramatically in price after its use in a Batman movie.  It produces a bokeh with swirls.